Mobilizon is an event organising platform for the Fediverse, a free open source alternative to Facebook Events.

You can find out more at:

Mobilizon instances federate with the rest of the Fediverse, so people on Mastodon can follow Mobilizon accounts and see their latest events.

You can join an existing instance, there's a list of instances at

If you're technically skilled, you can create your own instance using the instructions at


It would be great, I don't know of anything exactly the same, but I think Friendica has some similar features?

Looking for #groups (public or private) in the fediverse? Check out #Zap.  

Zap groups can be joined from other fedi platforms like Mastodon, etc. Zap does #events too.

@xavavu I’m very sad to report that many public instances have empty links and buttons without proper labels on them. This makes it hard, if not impossible in some cases, for screen readers to fully use the platform. It happens with instances using the latest version, so I’m thinking its a platform issue. :(  
Sorry to hear the platform is not currently useful for screen-reader users. Tagging the project here to at least allow your comment to serve as feedback.
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