FunkWhale is an audio network for the Fediverse. You can upload music, podcasts or any other audio, and interact with others across the Fediverse.

The official website has more info:

If you just want to try an instance, the creative commons archive is a good starting point.

You can follow FunkWhale users from the Fediverse, for example

Techy people can install their own instance by following the instructions at

Non-techy people can own their own instance by using a managed hosting service such as, or

The Fediverse music, podcast and audio platform @funkwhale has lots of apps, there's an official list here:

Most of the apps work through a protocol called Subsonic. Subsonic apps will work with Funkwhale, even if they aren't labelled as being specifically for Funkwhale.

(Note that you have to enable Subsonic compatibility in your Funkwhale account in order to use Subsonic apps.)


ActivityPub connects instances to each other, Subsonic connects a particular instance to its users.

@feditips How does this platform license the music it has there?


It's up to the owner of an instance to ensure that the music is properly licensed.

For example, is entirely creative commons tracks.

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