Write Freely is a writing platform on the Fediverse, sort of like a Fedi version of Medium.

It lets you write long form texts on the Fediverse, and people can follow your Write Freely account, so they see your latest posts.

The official site is at writefreely.org, you can also follow them at @writefreely

You can find instances to sign up on at writefreely.org/instances

There are apps available at writefreely.org/apps

If you are techy, there's instructions for self-hosting an instance at writefreely.org/start

If you aren't techy, you can still make your own Write Freely instance by using writefreely.host


Another Medium alternative on the Fediverse is Plume, which is also a federated long form text platform.

Plume's status is slightly unclear as the official website has a message on the front page saying the project is not currently maintained: joinplu.me

Can anyone give an update on what's going on there?

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You can connect existing WordPress blogs to the Fediverse by using this plugin:


It lets people on Mastodon etc follow your blog, comment, like and share its posts.

You can also find it in the plugins section of your WordPress blog, search for "ActivityPub" (all one word).


I remeber @milan reporting from his maintenance efforts some other day.

@textbook @feditips there is something happening again, afaik kitaiti picked up development again. will see

@feditips@mstdn.social The way that reads, they're encouraging people to use other software instead. Unless someone adopts it, it's probably done.

@feditips Hello, former Plume maintainer here
For a few months I stopped working on the project. Seeing I would not go back to it, I prefered to transfer it to someone else, and one of the contributors offered to handle the maintenance. They don't have much free time to give to Plume however, so the project is still alive but at a very slow pace, that's why it is now recommended to use alternatives such as WriteFreely.


Thanks for the update 🙏 I hope we get to see Plume development continue, it has so much potential!

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