PixelFed now supports viewing text-only posts, by going to:

Settings > Timelines > Show text-only posts

This lets you see text-only posts in your timeline made by Fediverse accounts you follow through PixelFed.

(Due to its photo-oriented nature, PixelFed hides text-only Fediverse posts by default.)

@feditips I was getting ready to say, “what’s the point of using Pixelfed if you’re only going to browse the timelines in text-only?” but I misread the toot, lol.


Yeah, it was actually quite hard to write the toot concisely without being confusing!

Just to be clear to anyone reading this, "text-only posts" in this context means posts by people you follow from other platforms where text-only posts are normal (such as Mastodon).

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