There's an alternative version of Mastodon called "Mastodon Glitch Edition" (aka "glitch-soc" or just "Glitch"). Glitch is totally compatible with normal Mastodon, but adds experimental new features.

For example, Glitch instances let the admin alter the character limit, allow local posting, text formatting and lots of other stuff.

Many features in Glitch have eventually made their way into normal Mastodon after proving themselves stable and useful.

You can find out more at:

If you run your own Mastodon instance you can switch to Glitch, and switch back again if you don't like it.

(You may be wondering how this post is so long? It's because FediTips is on an instance that uses Glitch, and the instance character limit has been extended to 1000.)

The character limit is configurable per instance. It's 1000 here but some have it as high as 65535

@sergeant @trebach

It used to be, but it's been switched to Glitch.

If you log into the website, you'll see 1000 is the new limit.

@trebach @feditips So I could publish each chapter of my novel on some instances? Cool.

@feditips @mastohost Hey, Hugo, do you support Glitch? Would love to be on it especially for control over post length and post formatting with markdown :)

@aral Hey Aral, no sorry. Currently I only support the main Mastodon release.


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