How to make your PeerTube videos much more discoverable on the Fediverse:

Use tags without spaces in them, for example, use "OpenSource" instead of "Open Source", "ArtHistory" instead of "Art History", "PianoMusic" instead of "Piano Music".

Why this works:

Mastodon includes PeerTube videos in its search results, but any tags with spaces in them are ignored.

To make your PeerTube videos searchable on Mastodon, remove spaces from your tags.

@feditips why not open_source, art_history and piano_music?


CamelCase tags are far more common than underscore tags, so CamelCase tags will get you a lot more visibility.

Mastodon searches treat OpenSource and open_source as two different tags.


I added tags to my #Peertube videos yesterday. In #Mastodon, they are not found via the search.


Hmm... I'm not sure if the tags get updated elsewhere if they are changed after upload. It may be that once the tags are federated, they can no longer be changed.

Maybe try uploading a new video with the tags you want to test?

Also, the search will only work if someone on that Mastodon instance follows that PeerTube account.

@feditips can confirm, Mastodon doesn’t make use of Update activities for now, so updating tags of a video will not have the desired effect.

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