Do you have a WordPress Blog?

Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse so that people on Mastodon can follow you and comment on your posts?

It works through the WordPress ActivityPub plugin:

(You can also find this by searching for "ActivityPub" in the plugins section of your WordPress blog)

The plugin's developer is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

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@stux @feditips @Jonathan

Have 2 blogs (so far):
* African Music Forum - old and new music from the continent
* my main blog, in FR or EN (and cats!)

@feditips @pfefferle
It requiers SSL certificates with Certificate chain
It's not available on most #Wordpress free hosting.

@bob @feditips isn‘t ssl a core feature of most hosting tariffs right and is free WordPress hosting really a thing? Can you make some examples?

@pfefferle @nolan @feditips Could you try and show us a fediverse account to follow? 😊

@nolan @bob @feditips ah, the ssl thing. sorry to hear :(

ssl is required by the ActivityPub spec, so I sadly can't help here :(

@pfefferle @bob @feditips Sure, no problem. Just to warn users that using and configuring this plugin requiers some technical skills, and maybe a paid hosting...
Not as easy and frictionless that it should be. Maybe new and non tech users should have a look into applications with build-in #fediverse support: #hubzilla, #writeas...
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