You can form a discussion group on the Fediverse using Guppe:

You can see a group's posts by following the group's account.

You can post to a group by mentioning that account in a message.

You can also start a new group by mentioning it in a message.

You can see a list of existing groups on the site at

@feditips that reminded me of a question I always asked myself: is there some place we can see/search all existing groups? (website seems to list only a couple of "active" groups...

- the author makes it clear #guppe "is a tech demo which is missing a lot of features" and "it is currently being rewritten" from scratch (if it has not been abandoned in the meantime. no updates in the last 6 months)
- you can't manage who is in the group. this is big enough to make it useless in many cases (what do you do when trolls get in? reporting to their home instances wouldn't be effective enough. some groups need strict moderation to be functional at all)
- among other open issues: it's not always easy or possible to tell who are all the group members

in its current state, #guppe is not even a group implementation: it's rather similar to an hashtag. You can create on, follow it, include it in your posts, search public posts, but nobody has control over it, so it is completely prone to abuse.

I'd love to have efficient group features in Mastodon, so I'd be very happy to be corrected!

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