This account was set up to do infrequent lighthearted tips, and not frequent posts of serious stuff.

I'm aware that I'm currently clogging up people's timelines with a stream of very serious CW'd posts about human rights etc.

To get back to normal service on this account, I'm going to reply to people on the Lemmy thread through DMs, and ask that any further replies are DMs too.

Sorry about the chaos.

DMs would let people of all stances get away with what they say by hiding the arguments and opinions that they put in from the others.
So I think DMs are a bad idea if a discussion is what you want.

I also think it would've been better for you to publish the original DMs that you've had with the lemmy people (those that you had mentioned in the earlier series of posts) as well.


People who follow this account just want occasional useful tips, so it doesn't feel right to make it a venue for a serious discussion.

The only reason I posted the Lemmy thread here was because I had many times previously recommended Lemmy on this account.

@feditips For fuck sakes, how is harrassing Fediverse admins to police what China's 50 cent army and a bunch of idiots are saying on lemmy going to rescue Weigars. If you really want to be effective put your energy into getting giant companies like Apple, The NBA, Amazon and Disney say something about the Weigers. This is you just stroking your ego.

@feditips Thank you for posting about this issue anyway. I had been aware of Lemmy's problems for a while, and am glad that there are many other fediverse platforms to choose from.

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