HomeTown is a fork of Mastodon which lets you make instance-only posts, adjust character limits and read long form rich text blog posts.

It's still part of the Fediverse, and HomeTown users can interact with Mastodon users totally fine.

Tech people can get self-hosting instructions here:

Non-tech people can use a managed hosting service to start their own HomeTown instance:

@feditips activitypub implementations not breaking spec challenge

@charlag @Poslovitch

I am guessing they forgot to move the page, think the site used to have a different address. @support , can you help?

@feditips @charlag @Poslovitch yup. That’s indeed the case. Will put it up today, and follow up here when it is done.

@feditips do you know who runs this service? i'd like to use it but i'm suspicious because there's zero about info and the privacy policy and terms of use are 404


They have been on the Fediverse for several years now, @support

Hopefully they can answer questions?


I don't know if there is any instance list for HomeTown?

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