You can use animated GIFs for your profile avatar and header on Mastodon. Uploads are at:

Edit Profile > Appearance

⚠️ Do NOT use rapidly flashing images, as these can be extremely dangerous for people with certain neurological conditions.

If you don't want other people's GIFS to autoplay, you can switch them all off by going to:

Preferences > Appearance > Autoplay animated GIFs (untick, then click "Save Changes")

If you want to know what an animated profile avatar looks like, here is an example:


You can use this account as a reference when adjusting your own account's animation settings.

(In case you are wondering, the account belongs to the designer of the notification sound on Mastodon.)

@feditips could we expect animated profile pictures to be disabled by default? Otherwise, I don't really understand it...


I think default settings depend on the instance?

For example on animations seem on by default, on they are off by default?

I am not 100% sure though as it has been some time since I registered.

Are there some areas where animations can’t be turned off?

Otherwise that „⚠️Do NOT […]“ doesn’t seem necessary.


I see what you mean, but some people may see public posts and public profiles without being logged in.

Depending on the instance, these public pages may autoplay the GIFs anyway, which is where the danger comes in.

@feditips that's right.

It would be really cool if browsers had a header like `X-ANIMATIONS={none|slow|all}` similar to DnT

@feditips Very much so! :blobcatgiggle: Many don't see it even after some years :flan_laugh:

@feditips @jk currently my banner is a gif of the Microsoft pipes screensaver.

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