PeerTube, the Fediverse's alternative to YouTube, uses peer-to-peer technology so that anyone can host their own video service without any data centres.

You can find out more at

PeerTube also now includes support for livestreaming.

You can run your own instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting service such as

You can follow PeerTube accounts from Mastodon because they are both part of the Fediverse.

When viewed from Mastodon, PeerTube accounts look and work like Mastodon accounts. However, if you click on their profile image you will see their PeerTube page.

For example try going to @pianotv on Mastodon and click on the profile image.

There's a list of interesting PeerTube accounts to follow over on FediFollows:

Some good PeerTube instances with interesting content to explore include:

When you're browsing a PeerTube instance, you can follow an account by clicking on "Subscribe". This works even if you don't have a PeerTube account, because it allows follows from Mastodon too.

You can also subscribe to PeerTube accounts through RSS if you prefer.

Go to the channel you want and click on Subscribe > Subscribe Via RSS (or click on the channel's RSS logo).

@feditips also possible to host your own with slight technical knowlege via cloudron, caprover, yunohost


Yes! That's a great mid-way point between doing a server from scratch or using a managed hosting service.


So to follow @boud I first have to mention it here? I was a bit puzzled about how the connection works. Let's see if it works...

@boud @feditips @boud
In fact you didn't need to mention it first. On peertube you could hit the "subscribe" button (either "subscribe to all channels" or the one associated to a channel), then enter your mastodon username@domain under "subscribe with a remote accont", that would redirect you to your mastodon instance


...or you can just search for the PeerTube account's address within Mastodon, then click follow on the search result. (This is also a really good method for following Fediverse accounts that aren't visible from your instance.)

PeerTube even has a special feature to help with this, there's a clipboard icon next to usernames so you can copy their address and search for them on other platforms more easily.

@feditips @pianotv yeah this can't be said enough times. It's what's amazing with the future of the web. It's like subscribing to a YouTube channel with Twitter, although that's not possible...

...but it is possible to subscribe to a #PeerTube channel with a #Mastodon account exactly as you say.

@autieaspieneurodiversityASDism @pianotv

It is how social media should always have been, really.

The Fediverse and the volunteers who build it are achieving what corporations have failed to do.

@feditips Thanks for giving an overview of "Some good PeerTube instances".

What were your criteria for selecting these 8 #PeerTube instances? Uptime? Moderation? Instance rules? Most recent PeerTube release? Long-term commitment to run the instance?

Thanks in advance. I am looking for a reliable and non-fake-news instance and I had been dissapointed twice so far.


Mainly the moderation and content quality. I have another account @FediVideos which recommends videos on the Fediverse and most of them come from these instances.

I will not recommend a peertube instance with any hate/conspiracy content.

@feditips Also note that you can create a Matrix room, add the RSS Bot and subscribe to a Peertube channel -> you got a chat room about the channel with automatic notifications when content is added. Magic of open standards.

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