You can find interesting conversations on the Fediverse by searching for popular hashtags.

Some good tags include:

- Photos of good bois and girls

& - Recommended follows

- Plants and flowers

& - People new to the Fediverse

- Artists showing their work on the Fedi

& - Recommended music tracks

Some more popular Fediverse hashtags:

- Discussing books you are reading

/ / - Requests for advice or assistance

- Photos of your cats posted on a Saturday

- Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

- Posts about mushrooms and fungi

- Italian langugage discussion of music tracks

- French language discussion of books on Fridays

Even more hashtags to look out for:

- Discussing interesting artists on Bandcamp

- People showing off their latest baked creations

- Suggestions for improvements to the Mastodon platform software

- Photos of moss

- Fiction small enough to fit into a toot

- Talking about sport of any kind

- Japanese photography hashtag

Reply if you have suggestions!


I believe there's also a convention on using #Captions to either provide image captions, or request someone to add them to an image tooted without text description.

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