Have you seen a cool emoji on someone's Mastodon post, but you can't find it on your own emoji picker? This may be a custom emoji.

Your instance's admin can add custom emoji too. If you contact them they may be able to add the emoji you want.

There are some useful custom emoji hints for admins here:

There's a tool for viewing instances' custom emoji here:

@feditips Is there a reason mastodon.online has so little custom emojis?



I think because it is a relatively recent instance and it was mainly set up as a spillover from mastodon.social (which was getting too large).

But if you get in touch with the admin @Gargron they might be able to add more custom emoji?

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@feditips @Gargron Oooh, I didn't know that! Seems like i've got to be more patient 🤭
And, I'd rather not bother gargron as there probably are more important stuff than custom emojies to be looked into.
Thanks for the reply!

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