You can run your own Fediverse instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting service.

They do setup, installation, software updates etc, while you do everything else.

SpaceBear offers Mastodon, PixelFed, PeerTube and HomeTown instances, more info at

Masto.Host offers Mastodon instances, more info at

Hostdon offers Mastodon instances, more info at (in Japanese)

HomeTown (as offered by SpaceBear above) is a fork of Mastodon which allows you to post local toots that can only be read on your instance.

You can find out more about HomeTown from the project site at:

@feditips If I recall correctly, Glitch-Soc ( ) also offers local-only posting, as well as several other features. But it doesn't have exclusive lists, which Hometown does. And with more features comes more complexity.

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