Have you ever wondered why a prolific account doesn't seem to have any followers?

It may be that it has lots of followers, but its numbers haven't been updated on your instance yet.

(For example, FediTips has 1.3K followers, but on your instance it may seem to be a different number.)

To see the most up to date numbers for an account, go to their profile page and click on their profile picture. This will open their home instance profile page with the most accurate info.

@feditips I see 2 followers on your account from the tusky Android app

@feditips Is there an easy way for an end user to force an update? This seems a bit a bad thing for the fediverse if everything's showing inaccurate numbers.

@feditips i thought the reason for this was because those users who are not counted arent federated with your own instance


I'm not sure of all the reasons, but there also seems to be a problem if an account hides its follows/followers (which FediTips does).

Accounts with the biggest mismatches seem to be those who hide their followers?

There are also a number of fediverse projects with more of a focus on permissions/privacy. These may also show a count of zero if you do not have sufficient permission to see that person's connections, or the person or instance has turned off follower/following counts completely because it's none of your business.
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