Do you have a WordPress Blog?

Did you know you can connect it to the Fediverse so that people on Mastodon can follow you and comment on your posts?

It works through the WordPress ActivityPub plugin:

(You may also be able to find this by searching for "ActivityPub" in the plugins section of your WordPress blog)

If you have any comments or questions, the plugin's developer is on the Fediverse at @pfefferle

@pfefferle @feditips Hang on! I looks like you need a 'business account' on WordPress for this to work. In other words, the plug-in might be free, but you can't use it with a free WordPress account. Is that correct, or am I missing something?

@noam @pfefferle

Are you talking about That's not quite the same thing as Wordpress.

Wordpress is a free open blogging platform you can install on your own site. is a hosting service where you can host Wordpress blogs. You don't have to use to use Wordpress.

@feditips @noam exactly! Be aware that is „only“ one hosting service for WordPress

@noam @pfefferle

Most hosting providers will offer a wordpress installation free if you want it, and that will include access to all the free plugins.

You do normally have to pay for hosting providers though, but for single sites the charge can be very small (a few euros a month).

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