A good place to find Mastodon instances is on the official Mastodon website's communities section:


They are organised by topic, and all of the instances on the list have to agree to a covenant covering reliability and responsible moderation (joinmastodon.org/covenant).

(There are thousands more instances out there beyond this list, but this list is probably the surest and best starting point. Also, you can set up your own if you prefer.)


If you decide to move to another instance on Mastodon, you can take your followers, follows and other data with you.

Here's how to take your followers to your new instance:

Here's how to take your follows, mutes, blocks etc to your new instance:

If you're on a big instance with lots of members, you might want to consider moving to a smaller instance.

Smaller instances can give members more personal attention, as the admin has more time to deal with members' feedback. They also tend to have more interesting local timelines if you pick an instance that matches your favourite topic.

Using smaller instances also protects the Fediverse from nasty people or companies, because a spread-out Fediverse is much harder to hack or buy.

If I move to a different mastodon instance, will my old posts be gone ?
Is there any way to move my old posts to the new account ? Would it break reply threads and all that ?

I'm sure many others would have the same doubt 🤔

@futureisfoss @feditips
nope, it won't move them.
the old account along with the old posts stays up, but it moves most of your old followers to the new account.
I think people should see that the account has moved.
you can't use old one until you cancel the moving, which just makes that account active again, it won't bring followers back.
You can export and import list of people you follow, block, mute, blocked domains and bookmarks in settings between instances,
but toots only export

@DoruDoLasu @futureisfoss

"I think people should see that the account has moved."

Just to make clear, people do see a "this account has moved" message with a link to the new account on the new instance.

Can i move to another instance and keep my followers and following? My history?


You can keep your followers and follows. I've linked to advice on how to do this earlier in this thread.

You can't keep your posts.

@andreasio @feditips Yeah I have seen people move their accounts and their followers were seamlessly transitioned as well.
It might depend on the host instance though.

But for me to update the people you follow (me) would require both your and mine instance to negotiate this. I know very little about the mastodon/activitypub protocol, but I am not aware of this possibility

@andreasio @Zach777

All Mastodon instances running Mastodon v.3.0 or above support transferring follows and followers.

Once the transfer has happened, this updates on all of the required instances (your old instance, your new instance, and the instances of your followers).


I am so sick of the "big" instance control everything.


For example jako.social is open for registration. I cannot add this instance to the official list since I the second moderator I have isn’t very active and the official list requires two moderators. This instance is also proxied trough Cloudflare and hosted on Hetzner.

I tried to add this instance to the instances.social list but you can read more about this on the instances.social git issues.

So far I have fully working, well set up instance but no way of ”making it findable”

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