If you are receiving DMs from someone called "AliceXXX" with links, please don't click on the link!

Report them by clicking on "..." below the message, and also select the option to forward the report to the home instance.

@feditips Internet safety 101: random link? don't click. Block their arse instead ;)

@feditips both messages i got were from, hmmm :|

maybe there should be some feature just to increase account creation friction, something like having to click on a link in an email each day for 2 days ...


Admins can optionally require people to write a little message saying why they want an account, then the admins have to approve each account manually.

(Another option is having invitation-only signups, but that makes it difficult for people new to the platform.)

@feditips looool, I came here after a long time and found both this answer and this post.

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