If you're a developer, there are lots of platforms which you can help out on:

BookWyrm (Goodreads alternative)

Funkwhale (Music, Podcasts and Audio)

Lemmy (Reddit alternative)

Mastodon (Twitter alternative)

PeerTube (YouTube alternative)

PixelFed (Instagram alternative)

Write Freely (Medium alternative)

Hello again developers! Here are more projects you can help out on:

Castopod (Podcasting platform)

Flockingbird (LinkedIn alternative)

Friendica (Facebook alternative)

Mobilizon (Facebook Events alternative)

Plume (Medium alternative)

WordPress ActivityPub Plugin (makes WordPress blogs part of the Fediverse)


Oh wow! Thanks! I didn't know they were connecting it to the Fediverse!

Might be useful to specify languages and tools.


Character limits kind of make it difficult! 😕

@feditips What is the difference between plume and writefreely?


They are both aim to be Fediverse alternatives to Medium, but they are by totally different people so they have different approaches to their interface, their structure etc.

Best way to explain it is if you try them.


I have heard lots of good things about Bookwyrm, it's currently in a closed beta but you can request an invitation at

@feditips On a sad note: Only one project would welcome my participation without a microsoft account … just saying... #GithubIsMicrosoft

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