You can use Mastodon through an alternative web client if you prefer. One of the most popular is Pinafore, which is lightweight and FOSS.

The example website is at

The source code is at

Because it's free and open source, you can host the web client yourself if you want to.

Its creator has written an introductory post with more info about it:

Another popular alternative web client for Mastodon is Halcyon, which looks like Twitter:

It's FOSS so you can use an existing instance or host it yourself, and it can also be installed through @yunohost too.

@feditips I also have a userstyle that makes Mastodon look like Twitter, which can be found here

You can use Browser add-ons like Stylus to install.

@Freeplay @feditips hadn't seen this or stylebase before thanks for sharing!

*May not work on instances with heavy modification

@feditips @yunohost But it makes a rather dead impression to me. No more development for 8 months...

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