In case you missed it, Google Play recently removed the @Tusky Mastodon app without proper explanation.

Tusky is one of the best Android Mastodon apps, with nothing controversial in it at all. It's quite disturbing that Google can and does act like this.

An alternative and much better way of getting Tusky onto your Android device is by using the independent FOSS app store @fdroidorg

You can find instructions for installing F-Droid here:

@Tusky @fdroidorg

UPDATE - Tusky is back in Play Store, developer just posted about it:

However, I would strongly advise everyone to install F-Droid anyway. It's much better for your privacy and it is a plan B in case Google does stuff like this again.

The installation is easy if you take it one step at a time (see this guide: ) , and once it's installed it works like any other app store.

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg
I was looking for an mastodon app, and now i found it, thanks.
Still bad it was removed from Google Play

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg i still go for firefox and put my favorite mastodon instance in web-app mode. ☺️

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg Ouch… and what alternative can we gave to friends that only go to GooglePlay ?

@adepetigny @feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg explore the underlying reasons why they refuse to venture out of that cage and see if those concerns can be addressed?

@carcinopithecus @adepetigny @Tusky @fdroidorg

With people you know, if you can install FDroid for them (using the instructions linked to), it's extremely easy to use after that. It looks and feels like other app stores.

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg


Anyway, you could just get #husky from fdroid since they haven't participated and facilitated #fediblock #censorship like tusky has

Husky (Husky is a client for Pleroma and Mastodon social networks) -

@moopet @Tusky @fdroidorg

That's part of the problem, Google is so unclear about their decisions and it's really difficult to get any response from them.

The lead developer posted about it here:

@emanuele @Tusky @fdroidorg @mft

Yes, Google Play seem to be zapping things which use open standards 😞

@feditips Big Tech will use the exact same censorship apparatus being set up to silence conservatives the last few years (some of which I totally recognize deserved it) to silence the populist left when they turn against these big multinationals and tech companies. I have watched this cycle twice in my lifetime already, and this wave is just the next iteration.


I don't think this is a political issue.

Problem here is Google being the only default app store on Android, combined with them holding open standard clients responsible for content of independent instances.

@feditips I was speaking more to the larger apparatus being put in place and that this is just one component of a larger strategy to control information and limit growth for competing technologies (until they are able to get ahead of them).

The outcome will be very political regardless of your ideological tribe because the net result will be a stifling of free speech and alternative ideas / resources / technology, etc…

@feditips "We're gonna remove your app without explaining why so you can't fix the issue!"

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg eh fdroid. I'd like to see fdroid undergo a policy change and a name change.

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg nothing controversial at all, other than blocking certain instances within the client, and rick rolling users who attempt to login to those.

censorship is censorship.

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg Huh, I did miss it! I use it myself and I'm guessing this means I won't receive further updates.

@fdroidorg @feditips This is bad. Please update us if you hear anything back from Google. This is something that should not be ignored or forgotten about.

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg my son-in-law thinks all or most apps should come from F-droid if possible.

@feditips Interesting however: Tusky Beta and Nightly aren't in #fdroid but only in Google Play. Maybe #tusky needs a repo of its own?

@Tusky @fdroidorg

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg huh? I just checked and it is still available in google play... Maybe it's region dependant?

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg The people complaining about Tusky blocking certain users from accessing the app need to realise fascists don't deserve a safe space lol.
It's awful that Google can just make an app disappear from their store because it can be competition. Monopoly much?

@feditips @Tusky @fdroidorg

I didn't even know Tusky *was* on the Play Store and had always installed it from F-Droid (as at least I can trust apps there slightly more not to have ads or any other sketchy things)

What do you think about Fedilab? I discovered it on F-Droid, should I try Tusky?

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