PeerTube, the Fediverse's own alternative to YouTube, uses peer-to-peer technology to allow anyone to host their own video service without a data centre.

It received a major update today which includes support for live streaming πŸŽ‰

You can run your own PeerTube instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting provider such as Spacebear:

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You can follow PeerTube channels through the Fediverse from Mastodon accounts etc, but you can also subscribe via RSS instead if you prefer.

Go to the channel you want and click on Subscribe > Subscribe Via RSS, or click on the channel's RSS logo.

There's a free open source PeerTube app called TubeLab.

It's available for Android phones from Google Play and F-Droid:

The app has its own Fediverse account at


Great, good to more managed hosting options available :)

@feditips @Tubelab Also, peertube channels can also be added to newpipe as well ^_^

I'm not sure whether my instance has enough content for you to make a recomendation, but i would appreciate if you take my instance into the list, too.

I take moderation seriously, too.

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