Looking for interesting conversations on the Fediverse?

βœ… The Fediverse has some favourite hashtags that get used regularly. Here are a few:

- People posting pictures of their good bois

& - Recommended follows

- Plants and flowers

& - People new to the Fediverse

- Artists on the Fediverse

& - Music tracks currently listened to

Post replies if you have more tags to recommend πŸ‘

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@aworldinpages I found the tags from this useful post. Besides #mastoart, there are more like #florespondence which you might find useful. Good luck!


#mastoradio is used in italian instances for music (as now playing)

#AmReading is used to talk about books

#mastohelp is used to ask for help with basically anything

@BalooUriza I make them manually, but you could probably hook it up to something like /

@BalooUriza me too. I was hoping for a browser extension. Maybe I'll make something.

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