If someone says or does something hurtful on the Fediverse, you can control who you interact with by using blocks and mutes.

✅ On Mastodon, click "..." underneath a person's message to mute or block them. Muting means you won't see them any more but they will still see you. Blocking means you won't see them and they won't see you.

You can also use "Block Domain" which blocks everyone who is on the same instance as the person you are blocking.

If someone posts something that breaks your instance's rules, you can report them to your instance admin. The admin will then decide what action to take, such as a warning or a ban.

Click on the "..." underneath the message you want to report, select "Report", make sure at least one message is selected and click "Submit".

If they are from another instance, there's also an option to report the person to their own instance admin too, who can delete the account.

@feditips report this, you go shit, we don't abandon fascist sites to put up with the same rubbish in Mastodon



Every network blocks something, even if it's just spam. It is a myth that there could ever be a platform that allows everything.

People will disagree over what is allowed, but that's why decentralised social media is better.

The point of Mastodon is there are thousands of instances to choose from. If you disagree with an instance's rules, you can go to another one or set up your own.

Each instance decides what it allows and who it federates with.

We always have the options to block or silence another user, any action beyond this is garbage that can be used to manipulate, condition someone, and even persecute people.


The Fediverse doesn't have a binary "banned/not banned" option.

One Mastodon instance banning a user doesn't ban that user across the network, it just bans them on that instance.

It's up to each instance to decide who to ban or block, and there are thousands of instances.

It's kind of like if you got banned from a bar, you can still go to another bar, but if you break the rules there they may ban you too.

@marcelcosta @feditips
Of course, what you say, surely the opinion of a user is the same as the one who has the tools, the potential and the ability to censor people. I do not have those tools nor do I wish to possess them, ever. But hey, it's the same for you.

@Godofredo_s_sacrifice @feditips You could have this tools, if you don’t want to have them is your problem. You are new here (I asume this, I might be wrong) and instead of trying to understand how people organize here you speak of “shit” and “garbage”… This seems the best way to discuss things.

@feditips As a user can you block an entire instance in #friendica? I haven't found that option yet.
@feditips @thelazyfox It's not a simple option like admins have, but it can be done using the Advanced Content Filter addon if that's enabled.
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