The Fediverse has a lot of blind or partially sighted members who use screen readers to listen to posts. Large groups of emoji make life difficult because the reader reads aloud each emoji's text description back to back.

✅ You can make your posts more accessible to blind users' screen readers by only using individual emoji, and avoiding large groups of emoji.

For example 😃 is fine but 😀 😆 :bloblaugh: 😁 👍 😃 😜 🤗 :blobcatcoffee: causes problems.


Hashtags can be difficult for blind people's screen readers, because the reading software may have trouble telling the words apart in the tag.

✅ You can make hashtags screen reader friendly by using "CamelCase", where each word in the tag begins with a capital letter.

For example, is fine but may cause problems.

If you are posting images, you can make them more accessible by adding a text description for screen readers.

✅ After you've attached an image, click "Edit" on it and write the description. If there is text within the image, you can add it to the description by clicking "Detect Text From Picture", which activates Mastodon's text recognition system. When you're ready, click "Apply".

The text recognition isn't perfect, it may need correcting.

Thanks for pointing out, I'll look out next time 🙂


Indeed! CamelCase makes it easier for everyone.

Would be super helpful if clients wouldn't remove any camel cases by using tag suggestions. Pretty sure both the Web UI and #Fedilab do this. Would be sweet if this could be changed. @Gargron @fedilab

@feditips I was told this recently on another site (Twitter) which shall remain nameless (Twitter). Honestly, it's easier to read for those of us with good eyesight, too.

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