Lemmy is the Fediverse's alternative to Reddit, allowing discussion and link-sharing in a familiar format. It's FOSS and federated, so different communities are hosted on different servers.

✅ You can try out Lemmy on its flagship server at or find out more at

It's currently only federating between Lemmy servers, but it will eventually federate with other Fediverse server types like Mastodon etc.

@feditips Thanks for this, will add to my digital skills page

@feditips Very interesting. I just wonder how powerful should a VM be to make it work. They just say it needs docker but not much more.

@ffuentes our main instance runs on a 2 cpu vps and uses less than 10% cpu overall. resource usage is really minimal, so you shouldnt have to worry about that.


@feditips How does the federation work? Would be really cool if you could remote follow a topic forum, but I don't see that option.


The federation isn't finished yet, currently (AFAIK) it just federates between Lemmy instances.

Maybe @LemmyDev can tell us what kind of roadmap is planned for federation?

@feditips @Coyote it will be a while yet. The entire fediverse is based on the twitter model of following users, while we're focused on the forum / reddit model of following federated communities. We wanna get community following solid first before we add user following.

@LemmyDev @feditips Cool. I guess I'm interested in "breaking" the models? I can see how it's going to be a challenge to organize information flows, and forum like content rather than timeline type content is somewhat a front-end issue. But I can see a strong benefit of restricting "post" content in as many ways possible! Good work!
@LemmyDev @feditips usermanagement is also not finished yet. Am i right?

Installed an instance yesterday... configured the admin in the docker-compose file... and now i haven't found a way to make another user also to admin... or modsrate users or even get a userlist...

@feditips On a technical level, Lemmy federation is already fully working and standard compliant (except for a few minor features). The problem is that ActivityPub is a really extensive standard, so its very easy to implement things in different ways. We are definitely going to fix any federation incompatibilities with other projects, but thats not a priority for us now.


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