In case you missed it, a couple of years ago Mastodon made an animated introduction explaining how it works.

✅ Mastodon's official promo video is available on PeerTube at and on YouTube at

The same video is also useful for explaining federated networks in general.

I also like this video -

It explains the concept of mastodon and fediverse very well. The video is also on YouTube.

@feditips Excellent work on that, Will share as i am trying to raise more awareness of Mastodon

@feditips Will share this with the other half. I was attempting to explain the other day and got many blank looks.

This does it better.


Just say it's like email or telephones! You don't need to both be on the same provider to talk to each other because the networks that email and phones run on talk to each other.

(Before social media, pretty much all the popular networks were federated: telegraph, telephone, telex, email, world wide web etc etc)

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