Subscribing to a PeerTube account from Mastodon is really easy!

✅ You can follow a PeerTube account from Mastodon by searching for their username and clicking the follow icon. Here's how:

1️⃣ On PeerTube, go to the account's page and click on the clipboard icon next to the user's name.

2️⃣ On Mastodon, paste the username into the search box and press enter. In the search results, click the follow button next to the username you want to follow.

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@feditips yes but being at the mercy of someone else's instance can have it's issues

what if say i upload a video with an opinion the instance maintainer disagrees with

wellp there goes either my video or my entire channel


You can set up your own PeerTube instance if you are concerned about relying on someone else's.

For example Blender have their own instance: (they did this when YouTube took down Blender's YT channel by accident).

You don't even need tech knowledge to create your own instance, spacebear offers managed hosting of PeerTube instances:

@feditips sure but i would rather self host so no company can ever have server issues or take anything down

i mean if theirs a tutorial on how to make a raspberry pi into a peertube server of sorts that only i can upload to
i would look into it


You can self-host PeerTube too if your server and connection are up to it.

The official installation instructions are here:

@feditips that is a lot of work i mean holy hell that would take so much time and considering i have devices that use netflix and other streaming services it's not worth it to me

i will just stick with odysee/lbry for now

Its really easy to subscribe/follow peertube channels from mastodon, with nice and intuitive UI.

Ironically, it seems like subscribing to a peertube channel from a peertube instance is more confusing. Watch this -

@futureisfoss I use a slightly different method, not searching for a video but the channel. I happen to have made a screen recording of it recently.

Of course, if your server follows the other server already, you can just click the Subscribe button immediately, which probably is how the UX is intended.

Yeah, this seems more intuitive in some way. @jeena should take a look.

@futureisfoss @gidi yeah I didn't want to put too many different ways on how to do it in my video, I think I talked about this way in a previous video but the video wss so messy that I wanted to isolate this part from it.

@feditips further tip, to subscribe from a PeerTube account on the same or another server, you click the clipboard icon on the channel instead of the account, but everything else is the same.


Try following @FediVideos to see lots of recommended PeerTube videos from many different accounts.

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