Very sad to see that Fediblock has been shut down. That was a really important resource for the fediverse. 😭

There's a copy of the full Fediblock list here, if anyone needs it:

/cc @fediblock

FEDIBLOCK UPDATE: has been added to the block list.


The following instances have been added to our block list:

A correction to the previous update, should have been and has been corrected on the block list.

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The following instances have been added to @fediblock, and have been blocked from using

( and have been added to Fediblock, but were already on our block list)

The relay has been up for two weeks and we have 106 subscribers. 😎

Hello to #mastoadmin folk — if you want to help improve visibility among smaller instances, consider adding your instance to the relay!

Well managed relay for instances to share their posts. Couldn’t be easier!

Thanks, @federationstream has been running for 7 days and has 75 subscribers!

It feels great to be able to help increase federation levels across the fediverse ❤️

Good news! is now also available on ipv6!

(Thanks to @invarion for the suggestion!)

I'm gonna add some more awesome custom stuff to Loazy :blobcatgiggle:

Faaaabulouuuss @Loazy

The relay is now up and running at (you guessed it)

It’s fast, it’s well-connected, and it uses FediBlock to keep the bad stuff out.

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