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Pushing the first stable "43.0" to [fcgu]. Feels good that pre comes to an end.


CC-BY-SA-4.0 "David Revoy,"
#krita #mastoart
(CW: eyecontact)

Valve is currently using the prime spot on game admin pages to scream at VR developers that their games are not compatible with Steam Deck because Steam Deck doesn't support VR. There's no way to resolve the issue, nor any way to hide or dismiss the message. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Inochi Creator will eventually be moving away from AppImages on Linux for stable releases and over to Flatpak, as Flatpak provides a more portable environment across distros (especially ones that don't use glibc) and a better user experience over all.


@nextcloud News just killes ~80% of my ATOM feeds by adding "&" to the url, instead of just keeping "&" in place. I also cant delete the folders and re-import the opml file, because now I get the error that the url already exists.
It's just so broken. Meh.

There are grand ideas to unify package managers, create The One Distro to rule them all, but that's not what I'll be discussing today! Instead, here are some achievable things to make the #linux desktop better, features every desktop distro should have!

Wenn die Kindheit kickt und du bei doch Scheiße kaufst, nur um die Beilage zu bekommen.

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