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Kleines Suchspiel zu Ostern: Findet eine weitere Nachrichtenseite ohne Tracking, Werbebanner und Paywall.
Wenn ihr gut findet, was wir machen, dann unterstützt doch unsere Arbeit mit einer Spende.

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"Tu das, wonach du dich fühlst...
...sie werden dich sowieso dafür kritisieren."
Verfasser unbekannt

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Late at night + Something to eat + Sailor Moon


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Bei der Hamburger Feuerwehr gibt es mehrere Rechtsextremismus-Verdachtsfälle. Unter anderem sollen Mitarbeiter verfassungswidrige Symbole ausgetauscht haben. Der Feuerwehrchef will schnelle Aufklärung.
Rechtsextreme Verdachtsfälle bei Hamburger Feuerwehr

Signing up for liberapay. So next time I'm prepared to receive some donations for the gnome unstable repo for arch. :blobcatblep:
It honestly sucks to receive money, but it sucks even more to not have a server around for people who want to help testing :blobcatnotlikethis:

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How to speak proper German: Say "ja" at random opportunities throughout your whole sentence as much as possible
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I'm pretty sure I could enjoy my life a lot more if I knew that I would have to die in a few years.

Now I'm here and have to ask myself whats the reason for this, or better: Why do I need to know to this on order to enjoy who I am.

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Meow there Mastodon! :mastodon: :meow:

If you like you can support the community on or ! :patreon: or by sending Bitcoin, Ether or Stellar!

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot ❤️

I've bought a shirt on etsy. Thats what I do often. :blobcatdevil: Well I've received it a few days ago. It was the most cute package ever… :blobcathappypaws:

(And yes, still wasnt able to cut my hair >c<;)

Shoutout to: :blobcatfingerguns:

:blobcatphoto:< If humans would have a chimpanzee like tail, where would you wear it?

I'd probably wear it around my leg or belly most of the time. :blobcatnotlikethis:

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Die Wahrheit ist:
Durchfall ist kein Problem, sondern der Lösungsansatz eines Problemes. Nur der Mensch macht ein Problem daraus.

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