Today on Linux Desktop: routine update made most of the icons turn blue or disappear.

@cancel Random change oficonpacks but...why ?
I suppose so,it switched to an another,and had quite a lot of missing glyphs for your de, but how, i don't know.
Check if you still have your old icon pack.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold It's the same icon set. It's caused by an *intentional* breakage from the GNOME project, and also from Arch Linux's packaging system and maintainers not caring.

@fabiscafe It's already reported. I just linked you to someone else reporting it. They closed it and said it was intentional and not a problem.

@cancel It's also already fixed. Still, if you're missing something make sure that you report it and test.

@fabiscafe It's not fixed. Read it. I don't need to report it. Stop telling me to report it.

Both are merged, both provide the fix for yours, as well as the moved dup

Everything else is either a misusage of GNOME icons or a not yet fixed (set of) icon(s), someone should report, if not already done.

@fabiscafe Are you a GNOME contributor? I'm guessing your goal is to lead from "Everything else is either a misusage of GNOME ..." and into "well this was some other software's fault for using the icons"


I'm in fact a contributor to GNOME in 42. I wrote a meson fix for gnome-music :) I'm also the builder behind the gnome-unstable repo for Arch (FCGU). I'm pretty active in the opensource space in general over the last 15years.
My goal is the clear this up a bit, so back to topic:

Sort of both. A lot of icons where removed who were GTK-relevant icons and they came back with the linked MR.
For GNOME icons, they are not supposed to be used by "3rd party apps" and since they are now shipped with the apps, not anymore as an icon theme, apps who where usingh them don't have them available anymore for this reason.

@fabiscafe This is LXQt that is broken on Arch. The icons were supplied by adwaita-icon-theme, which was chosen as the default icon theme by LXQt after installing the lxqt group in Arch and starting the desktop environment. If the icons aren't meant to be used, they shouldn't show up as an option or be chosen by default by software.

@cancel I can't find anything about LXQt to pull in an own icon theme somewhere, except for 'hicolor-icon-theme'. So it might be a GTK app that pulls in adwaita-icon-theme. So yes, I'm with you. LXQt should pull in another icon theme that provides the icons it uses [Arch side] or shipp them by themself [LXQt side].
I think for Arch this will end up as upstream bug, as they do not define defaults themself, so it might be the best idea to start talking to LXQt.

@fabiscafe You're right that LXQt should specify some icon theme to rely on.

But why is the adwaita icon theme even showing up as a choice, if it's not supposed to be used? Even if LXQt installed oxygen or breeze icons, the adwaita icons would still show up as a choice.

@cancel I think thats because Adwaita still is used as symbolics provider for GTK apps as well as for apps who are not ported, like evolution. GTK apps do not start if some icons are not there, so a simple rename might also not be possible, but I'm not sure about that (so please correct me here)

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