It's that time of the lifecycle again where , can't run because java is to old, shouldn't run anything because PHP is to old and can't be upgraded to the next version because it's still not stable.

It's so frustrating, tbh.

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@fabiscafe yeah, i feel you. otoh, 2y software being "too old to run" is very weird shit in my book. maybe it's a desktop where you can switch do debian/testing?

@zeh Sadly it's a server. I just hope Deb11 will make the release before december. But to be honest I'm considering to switch to an Arch server for this machine because I'm a bit annoyed that I ran in the same situation every 2~ish years.

@fabiscafe yeah, also waiting to upgrade shit (wordpress needs new php, etc). debian bullseye is already frozen, so it'll drop before the end of august for sure, but i'd bet under 2 weeks. i really like debian, run it everywhere for the last 20y. sometimes remember all the other distros i used and pause to contemplate the amount of crap debian has spared me :)

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