@khm Sorry to say that but opensource software heavily NEEDS usable user data. We're so far behind that there isnt even a competition, mostly because much dev work is spend on things nobody cares instead of going in a direction where the user expects it to go. Asking for users to give feedback doesnt work, as you want to have data from the average user, not the with-opensource-involved-nerd.

@fabiscafe @khm Iโ€™m sorry you feel that human interaction ie questions for your users is too much work and youโ€™d rather spy on them. We donโ€™t need tracking data. We never have and never will. Devs donโ€™t listen to feedback to often as they take it at criticism. Maybe thatโ€™s the real issue to be addressed. Our egos?

@thedaemon @khm
I dont feel that way. The problem with asking are the people who answer. That might be me and you, but not the 1000 non-technical people who just want to use the app.
You dont have to spy, you can tell them and they can opt-out if they want to. It's just of no help to not enable them until the disable it.

@fabiscafe @khm I guess I mainly use technical applications so I donโ€™t feel nontechnical userโ€™s input would be helpful. Maybe we should give an example. Audacity is not a nontechnical application and thatโ€™s what OP mentioned. Iโ€™m an intermediate user and have little input besides that itโ€™s a confusing mess. ๐Ÿ˜‚


@thedaemon @khm Show me your data that it is an app for technically advanced peeps, I mean for realโ€ฆ

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