So I was working on a commercial software PKGBUILD to push it to the AUR. Because in general it works on Arch, but there are only packages for RHEL/CentOS available.
Because I'm nice, I've send a mail to the company - explained the whole situation and made it clear that this is no redistribution, only an installation helper. (You where still in need to download the rpm yourself, place it to ~/Downloads, otherwise it wasn working) I attached the PKGBUILD of course.



First reponse was that this is OK and I should go on. The files where pushed to the development team and they decide to support other platforms in a future release. I was happy so I reworked a few parts over the weekend and wanted to push it to the AUR later today.


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Sadly a few h ago I recived another EMail. I was forced to stop this "project" and I'm not allowed to work any further on it and I need to declare that everything I have made public was not published with any agreement of the rights holder.

Luckily nothing was published and so there is nothing to do for me.
Still I'm a bit, well, confused how it happens that they give me green, just to shoot at me a weekend later. πŸ€”οΈ


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