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i had a very big descent from being a twitter user with a fedi alt to being a full-time unhinged fedizen

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i feel like potato guy from papers please but instead of passports it's job applications

alright colon stole this lmao. anyway premiere's starting now might as well view this event of internet history.

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i hope dream's face reveal is gonna be as awesome as howtobasic's. high hopes, but low expectations.

transphobia (cont.) 

a lot of parents are like "hold off on this decision until you're older" but apparently old enough is never according to them, even if you're an adult on your own.

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transphobes are so weird they tell transmascs they're gonna regret cutting their breasts off and transfems they're gonna regret growing breasts.

it's almost as if some people like having them and others don't.

so which is it? are boobs a good thing or a bad thing?

casual conversations should not live forever. especially publicly.

halloween may be over for walmart but it's just getting started for me :meowpumpkin:

buca di beppo is not authentic italian food.

feeling hot and cold at the same time? don't worry just yet, it might not be a fever. check if you're just in an air conditioned car on a hot day.

my brain has a song of the month, i get it stuck in my head every day and publicly obsess over it

last month it was Somebody That I Used To Know and now for october it's goodbye moonmen from rick & morty

new balance stores are nice

you've got men's shoes on one side and women's on the other, but everything is marked nb.

looks like google shut down the game servers for their 2018 halloween game. can't find any preservation projects for it, although did manage to find someone dumped a bunch of packets from it up on sad i can't play that this month, i had so many fun memories with that game.

starting to wonder if maybe employers are artificially trying to make their business look like they're desperate for more workers in hopes of having more applicants to choose from

just know that how terrible our timeline is, we can't say it's the worst timeline. with infinite possibilities, there has to be one where Somebody That I Used To Know was never written and that hurts to think about.

i just got someone to read the interjection copypasta in the voice of carl wheezer

TIL you're not supposed to hold w while bhopping

i hate roku it's like windows for tvs

the fact that walmart chose roblox for walmart land really shows who's really capitalizing the most on metaverse hype.

at least they're giving out refunds. finally not being entirely evil.

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stadia's shutting down apparently. totallyyy didn't see this coming.


suddenly everyone agrees mormonism is no longer a cult when you say "i was raised in a cult" to score points in truths and lies games

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