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friendly reminder that:

- you do not need to think someone is the scum of the earth to block them or mute them
- being blocked or muted does not mean you are a bad person in any way shape or form
- you have a right to surround yourself with people you enjoy, indeed, you have a right to happiness
- people liking you doesn't mean you are a good person
- you liking something or someone doesn't mean that that thing is good

it is a misconception I think a lot of people hold, and it's not truth.


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Owncast users, rejoice!

@craftamap worked on a Firefox extension that lets you follow Owncast instances, and notifies you when a stream goes online!

Get it here:

keybase supports reddit and mastodon. why not ?

there's such a huge difference for me on meeting someone new on the internet vs. meeting someone new irl

wow, adb can't disable it. is this the thing that finally makes me root my phone?

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oh man I just love it when my phone randomly installs an app without my permission nor my attention

do you have a instrumental that sounds pretty good but you can't figure out what vocals to put over it? put mc ride.

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it would be cool if this had some discord rich presence

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i feel like the move from "we interacted on the internet a couple of times" to "aquaintances" is huge

also yeah you can talk to me on keybase now, i haven't checked or even logged onto matrix in a long while so use keybase if you don't like discord

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do people use the keybase chat function or should i just re-install matrix

when you find someone online that makes you go "hm. they seem pretty cool." how do you go from that to friendship

i should stop drinking mountain dew. the only reason I do it now is cause it's a habit

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