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new display name, check bio for reasoning

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i thought I was fine without saying this explicitly, but i don't want people to think i'm in the wrong crowd 

i don't support MAPs. i'm not on the side of pedophilia. i believe in facts first and foremost.

i don't think any of the sexual harassment claims/accusations against miro are valid, but if **and only if** miro is truly a pedophile, i will accept that I was wrong.

national delete your facebook/twitter day should be a thing

feeling like trying to eat an apple in one bite but failing and then doing something dumb with the apple. how are you feeling?

anyways new profile picture. if you recognize it please immediately DM me

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damn I kinda died for a bit on here. hopefully I post more

if you're being <shitty personality quality> on purpose and know it, please don't

my gender? that feeling you get when your s/o talks to you

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every time anticommunists agree with communist rhetoric i add one year to my life

i wonder what Trump has to say about the inauguration

oh yeah

aaaaaaaaaand Wikipedia's already been updated. those mfs are fast

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did I just hear a fucking baby in the inauguration

every time they say something about god I roll my eyes

they got fucking lady gaga to sing the national anthem

the award for "song that describes my mental health surprisingly and almost scaringly well" goes to "On GP" by death grips

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i'm fucking suspending my laptop using four cups

makes me feel very good about myself, valid even

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i like it when my non-furry friends are chill about furries

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