Todays challenge was to see if I could bring back to life an ancient Packard Bell oneTwo. I used and it took a few attempts but it got there in the end. These machines have an horrifically shiny screen.

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If you would like to support me with the server bills for, PeerTube.TV,,, stux.Chat & all other services you can do so here ❤️

thank you :cat_hug_triangle:

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Better Beginnings.
Our onboarding flow has been revamped to empower new users!

- Easier to understand

- Account recommendations

- Logins + Registrations now redirect to Metro 2.0

Now available! 🥳 #pixelfed

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Hey #mastodevs, I'm trying to wrap my head around some of the things returned by the #mastodon API...

Anyone knows why "stats/domain_count", which should be "Domains federated with this instance."
is bigger than "instance/peers", which is supposed to be "Domains that this instance is aware of"?

For it's 21463, while the length of "instance/peers" is 21379... so I'm not sure what it really counts 😕

Maybe @downey, would you know?

If you live in the you’re probably as tired as I am of this fool we have for a Prime Minister. What an embarrassment he is. At least the police are finally investigating what has been happening in No10.

That was a great test of notifications in elementaryOS

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Definitely a tool I will use to try to adapt my dark #theme for #GNOME (Text Editor ?) 🤓

« #GtkSourceView has the concept of “style #schemes” which map language features (types, keywords, strings, etc) to various colors and font properties. Creating them can be a bit laborious even if you’re starting with a color palette prepared. »


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#Privacy #BigTech #USpol « Seven large tech companies spent nearly $70 million lobbying the U.S. government in 2021 as policymakers from both parties weighed legislation to curtail their power and influence »

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Having lived some of my life in Worcestershire I know it’s not asparagus season, but I fancied some tonight.

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Do you wish the Fediverse had its own alternative to Twitch?

There's one called @owncast . It already works as a self-hosted alternative, and is currently testing Fediverse support:

The Fediverse support is only on test accounts at the moment, such as @wesley . You can already follow these test accounts from Mastodon etc and you will see posts in your feed when their streams are live.

Fediverse support will hopefully be on the release version of OwnCast soon 🤞

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