@ern congrats! Waiting for your nice reviews as always.

@ademalsasa thank you that is very kind of you 😊

@ern nice! Remember to upgrade the firmware to 1.6.0, as it solved the connectivity issue with BLE. It's far more reliable 😊 @PINE64

@nick @PINE64 go there yep it’s fully up to date with the latest firmware, but still wildly off and Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from iOS too.

@ern how odd. I've got it running on Gadget Bridge on Android, and been testing it on Siglo/Amazfish. Since I updated, it stays connected. Can you see any symptoms that are repeatable? Maybe a bug report might be warranted. @PINE64

@nick @PINE64 it’ll need to be a bug report as infiniiOS is still beta on TestFlight

@ern understood. Hopefully it gets resolved soon. πŸ‘ @PINE64

@nick @PINE64 the more we test the more we help them πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

@nick @PINE64 @ern siglo / amazfish are pinephone only right ? I wasnt able to find them on fdroid nor on play store...
Are you able update the firmware with the gadget bridge ?

@Seferi yes, and yes.

To do it with gadget bridge, make sure your PineTime is connected via Gadget Bridge.

Then go to the GitHub page and grab the DFU file here: https://github.com/InfiniTimeOrg/InfiniTime/releases/download/1.6.0/pinetime-mcuboot-app-dfu-1.6.0.zip

Then use your file manager to "open with" and choose "Gadget Bridge Firmware Updater"

It should upload to the watch (takes a couple of minutes, so make sure your watch is charged).

Then it should reboot, and you're good to go. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

@PINE64 @ern

@ern Oh you have DC issues after the 1.6.0 update? Maybe it's still an issue with iOS somehow? I have an #android phone paired with my #PineTime and after 1.6.0 I've had 0 connectivity issues. I use #GadgetBridge.

@bloodaxe Yep I think it’s the infiniOS TestFlight beta that’s the issue

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