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We're hiring! Tactical Tech is offering an #internship position for a student or a junior professional to assist #TheGlassRoom project in the process of preparing materials and supporting global partners. Apply by 29th October!

This will be my 976 toot on this instance.

I run on most of my computers, but I’m tempted to stick on my X270. I run on an old Fujitsu and I have elementaryOS on a Fujitsu at work. My desktop at home runs PopOS as does my desktop at work.

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Adaptive version of #gnome #calendar running on #pureos on the #librem5. This is still a work in progress, some issues still need to be solved before releasing this. But again; “hey it’s progress” :D.
Credits to @KekunPlazas fr his work on this.

I do like our British sense of humour. I see a few people on Twitter have changed their usernames to Plague Island Resident. 😂😂

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Just in time for the upcoming 41.1 GNOME Calls release, here is an updated Anti-Spam program, now with a much friendlier GUI!

I still marked it as a Beta, so tester's wanted!

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Not happening BUT...

IF it comes to the point that it's Eugen vs. DerpyTrump in cort, how cool would it be if most of the shows up to support Eugen :blobcatgiggle:

Compared to those few Trump-o-loop supporters they look like lost birbs underground :flan_laugh:

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@ern @stux @b6hydra

And that sort of caring community spirit will hopefully counter act any negative impressions people get of Fedi.

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@ern I felt the same way when I first joined but I’ve come to appreciate a more unfiltered view of things. I mute a lot of bots and block some people who post a lot of NSFW stuff, but I like that it’s my choice to do so. I actually think the big instances should be more upfront about the fact that they block or silence half or more of all ActivityPub users.
@zleap @stux

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@ern Isnt this the same deal as with light bulbs? :amaze:

If they would to make razors that last endlessly they never sell anything :blobcatgiggle:

It's time we get back to that time! Quality over quantity!

I still find it mind boggling that the razor I use to shave with was made in 1959.

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Hello and good meowing everyone! :nkoWave::blobcathearts:​ I wish you an amazing day! ❤️

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Now the independent picks up the story:

"Eugen Rochko, creator of Mastodon, told The Independent that he had asked his lawyers to assess whether Mr Trump’s new Truth Social service has broken Mastodon’s copyright."


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My :manjaro: experience has been cool. There are great built in graphical programs for power users, including a Linux kernel utility for showing available kernels and installing them.

Another program I like is similar to Device Manager in Windows. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, use the 390 drivers. It won't give you that weird reddish-greenish color to everything.

ProjectM is another program that I had a hard time working in Ubuntu but not in Manjaro.

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I installed pandoc-bin instead of pandoc, because it doesn't have all the haskell dependencies and it's less scary when I update my system.

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does anyone have a good alternative to google fonts for web dev?

I know I could load web fonts etc from the site itself, which I think I may just do in the end. but looking for something where I can use <link></link>

#webdev #webdesign

I keep thinking about starting my own instance, but the truth is I’m happy on the one @stux made

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