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Here's a crazy idea, wait wait hear me out. So it's like a manager but they actually listen to their employees... I know it's a little far fetched but maybe it could be beneficial lol

Better get some sleep, last working day of the week for me tomorrow.

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Don't quit Facebook because it is changing the name. Quit it because of the damage it is causing to you and the people you care about.

People will still be there if you're not on Facebook and, from experience, your interactions with many of them will be so much better.

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#GIMP 2.99.8 is out. Highlights : multi-layer cloning, wider coverage of graphic tablets on Windows, JPEG-XL importing/exporting, PSB importing, support for larger-than-4GiB PSD files, and more. Windows/Linux builds available, macOS build is in the works />

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Warty Warthog is 17 years old today. Wow.

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Hey folks, it’s that time, again, where we’ve saved up enough donations to support a few open source projects. As we’ve always mentioned; we’ll spread the love to open source projects when we’ve reached a surplus in funding. For this round, we’ve decided to make 2 donations, in the amount of $300 each.

Here in the UK we are world leaders again, well at least in Europe. Sadly we are lead by fools who don’t seem to care about it’s population.

Anyway that’s enough reading about that stuff lol

So you can install your own Mastodon instance via Cloudron, looks simple enough. But do I want to go through all the effort …

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OpenSea Had A Malicious NFT Problem

OpenSea had a malicious NFT problem, a twitch hack update, and WhatsApp officially adds end to end encrypted backups!




Anyone who’s an Admin / Moderator on Does the iOS app give you these functions or do you still have to log in via web ? Cc @Gargron

Is firmware 1.6.0 the latest firmware for @PINE64 ?

I probably need to follow more people on Mastodon.

Posting from the web version of cause I haven't actually done that in a while... Just logging in to see if anything has changed in my account settings etc ..

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Every time I use dd I do:

$ sudo echo dd if=foo.img of=/dev/sdX

and then I double check that it was actually, really, truly right before I remove the echo

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From one developer to another, you also want high quality resources for a fair price right? Well, we are like you! Trying to help out wherever we can!

What do you think?

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