A shout out to @BillyM2k@twitter.com, the creator of Doge, and arguably still the meme-iest gun in the entirety of Crypto Twitter. Thanks for giving us Doge, and continuing to spread the fun!


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The transaction fees are low, in the cents.

And the settlement times, while not instant, are fast enough to make Doge really usable for paying things online.

Finally, @dogecoin@twitter.com comes with a fun community that doesn't take itself, or crypto in general, too seriously.

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The "per-unit" size of Doge, less than a dollar, is also more appropriate for more casual transactions as compared to, say, a Bitcoin or Ether where each unit is priced in the thousands of dollars. It's just a psychological thing, but it does have an impact.

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Like BTC/ETH, Doge is , and in a sense even more-so, since initially a lack of an (initial) financial incentive gave a more diverse spread to Doge. As per a survey, more Americans (for example) hold Doge than do Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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Doge has a fixed ~5% annual inflation (vs 0% for Bitcoin). Both have their place.

0% inflation fits Bitcoin given its proclaimed role as "digital gold".

But for a day-to-day use currency, as Doge is meant to be, a fixed, low inflation is believed to be better by many economists

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Doge! Let's talk about .

Many people wrongly dismiss Doge as a meme coin. It is a meme coin alright, but it is not *just* a meme coin.

Behind the memes lies a solid crypto currency, which acts like a great counterpart for more mainstream cryptos like Bitcoin.

Iconic from movies

Christian Bale, Heath Ledger
The Dark Knight, 2008

When your Math assignment is a phishing scam 👀

RT @botkiller_nuts@twitter.com

@ZetLorento@twitter.com @googlephotos@twitter.com -> @enteio@twitter.com
I can't explain how much ente is great
smooth fast secure also is open source

🐦🔗: twitter.com/botkiller_nuts/sta

If you haven't read stuff from Vitalik, you're in for a treat. He continues writing inspite of (or because of) his heavy involvement with , and you can read his latest posts here: vitalik.ca

(This is tweet #2 of our 7 part series)


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"The way to do so is simple: keep minimal logs and, more importantly, use encryption wherever possible"

"These suggestions are certainly radical; .. go against what has been their dominant philosophy, of gathering as much data as possible to maximize advertising revenue."

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Already in the early days, we can see Vitalik's thoughts forming around how we can take back control of our

"But Google, Facebook.. other orgs that run tech infrastructure also have a 3rd option: make their services mathematically unsubpoenable"

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2/ The founder of Ethereum, @VitalikButerin@twitter.com , got off to a start in crypto with !

Like many of the other people interested in decentralization in the early days, Vitalik moved in Bitcoin circles and wrote many articles for @BitcoinMagazine@twitter.com before moving on to Ethereum.

A sentient AI would presumably have vast computing power, but what it wouldn't have is a way to exert that power in the physical realm.

With bitcoin, it became feasible for such an AI to mint and use crypto to pay for stuff, including more computing power for itself!

(tbc ...)

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Now that ente accepts , let us tell you of 7 crypto lores you might not know. Yes, #4 will shock you


Everybody knows, that nobody knows, who Satoshi is.

But some people believe it is an AI, and it invented Bitcoin as a way to pay for things in the real world

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