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Privilege post time part 1.

I'm a white person who comes from catholic white settlers on one side and more recent Jewish immigrants on the other.

I have mixed feelings abt claiming my Jewish roots bc I stopped practicing at 10 and became agnostic AF. I'm terrified of "looking Jewish" in a time where Nazis have made a huge comeback in my country.

I support decolonization & antiracism movements. But as a white person, I know I can fuck up & my existence can be a trigger.

Pic of my cat w blep.

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More post time.
I'm very wordy so character limits are hard for me.

Stuff I'll post: mostly boost others' posts and memes but occasionally a few pics of myself and my cat.

Boundaries: I'll likely post NSFW stuff from others so pls no minors. I will CW upsetting stuff and ask for the same in return. I can get in the headspace to talk abt a lot of things, but I just need the warning to adjust my headspace or see how much energy it'll take.

Pic of me hiking at a local lake.

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Hi! I'm Ash and @queervengeance brought me here!!

I am a neurodivergent (ADHD/sensory sensitive aspie traits) gray asexual masc leaning enby queer who works in shitty systems (law 🤢) and dreams of escaping back to school.

I love EDM (the wubs though) and exercise, specifically swimming. I'd love to meet more fellow quiet queer folks or (especially) any who swim!

I also love memes and a social media space that doesn't spy on me and send me 100 ads/hr. Can't wait to meet folks!

so many self-help books really come down to "how to be more productive so you can be more readily exploited by capitalism" and I'm not a fan of it.

water... like it or not, this bad boy is going to make you hydrated. you gotta have it, folks

"Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them." - #AssataShakur really

Don't snitch on people shoplifting groceries and stuff their children need.
As Emma Goldman said:
“Ask for work.
If they do not give you work, ask for bread.
If they do not give you bread, then take bread.”

someone: cats dont care about anyone theyre mean and bad
my cat: cries when i close the bathroom door bc he cant see me

Im genderfluid, which means the fluid in my gender is leaking into the rest of my body and ruining my sense of the binary

Drug mention, addiction, mental illness 

Microdosing is the only thing that has helped my depression, and legal meth (Ritalin) is the only thing that has helped my severe executive dysfunction. I am a functioning person because of highly stigmatized substances, which land most poor people in jail. all controlled substances. Period. No exceptions. Care, not cages.

who ever did that:
I couldn't have put it better myself!

Pack it in gay rights activists. We have a gay transportation secretary. Gays are officially liberated.


yo im selling stickers of my memes so if u like leftist content and supporting trans people of color maybe check out

The gender of the day is a regiment of blue jays.

"#Psychedelic drugs have been exiled to the fringes of #medicine, dismissed as recreational drugs with limited #therapeutic potential. That changed with the #breakthrough therapy status granted last year to #psilocybin, the active compound found in magic mushrooms, for its ability to reverse treatment-resistant #depression. In our latest interview series, we discuss the potential of #psychedelics to revolutionize clinical #neuroscience with thought leaders in the field."

A single dose of #psilocybin, a compound found in "magic mushrooms," provides long-term relief of #anxiety and #depression in cancer patients, a new study finds.

The gender of the day is a boundless solar system.

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