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Just sharing my "epic" final attempt at defeating Rennala in . This version includes embedded captions at appropriate moments to help demonstrate my state of mind in my 20+ attempt to defeat Rennala 😵‍💫

Elden Ring Rennala boss fight second half

When someone on work Slack asks me to resend them a link to something that was linked fewer than 10 replies ago and I know they're perfectly capable of scrolling...

I just want to scream a little.

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The new website delivered by @oakstudios is live (has been for a little while, actually, but I've been working on it still). I think it's the best it's ever been. Check out the branding and about pages too!

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Elden Ring spoilers 

It's taken me months of levelling up here and there... But I finally kicked Rahadn's ass!!!

I initially encountered him at level 50ish. And let me tell you, as someone playing an astrologer in this game, that was a "painful" experience or 10.

Came back at level 70 and finally able to whittle his health down effectively. Took half an hour of trying, but I did it.

Friday afternoon means trying to do some work related learning.

Had a fantastic time at Truro Pride today. Only Cornwall Pride event I'm managed to get to this year.

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"It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a person in possession of a good library, must be in want of more books."
The dragon looked smug, as if they had said something clever.
"True," said the knight, hefting his lance. "But those belong to the town library. Return them!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I've celebrated finishing Gish by trying to get back into playing Elden Ring.

I spent this week taking the week off work doing Gish (the greatest international scavenger hunt). Didn't do tonnes of tasks but I did get to crochet a parasol, have a teddy bear picnic (for charity) and build and hold a random book that had some childhood illustrations by Misha Collins.

So a pretty good week.

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After five years in prison for a Ponzi scheme and a lifetime ban from the pharmaceutical industry, Martin Shkreli announces his new venture: a web3 drug discovery platform

July 25, 2022

Recorded the 300th episode of my podcast today...

And made plans for its 10th Birthday, which is happening in August 😁

Hopefully we can get all the Pauls together again.

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I'm playing Skyrim anniversary edition at the moment and I have never before been so inundated with random NPC deaths. I've not started Dawnguard, nor gone far on the main quest so dragon attacks are few and far between.

But I've had a Legion soldier wind up dead in Solitude and Nazeem in Whiterun.

What's killing my NPCs?

Last night, I trooped out to the Eden Project, in the rain, to go see Nine Inch Nails on their second night playing in Cornwall.

Concert was stunning and I'm glad I was able to take advantage of the "chilled area" to watch it all. Being in the thick of it would have been too much for me sensory wise.

(I'm never going to get over how Americans pronounce the name of where I live.)

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Looks like DCMS is shortly going to release its plans to water down our data rights - This will lead to more data discrimination and missue of our personal information

Having been in the office a few days this week, the climbing temperatures mean I am avoiding it today and Friday.

I'm on the fifth floor (six if you don't do ground floors) in a building with no air-conditioning and windows that only open a little bit.

Even with the fan by my desk, there's no way I can handle anything higher than Wednesday's temperatures.

*Goes to play new videogame and forgets that I'll need to copy over partially and install an update file*

*30 minutes later*

I thought I'd try to game for a bit of this extended holiday in the UK and play Judgment on my PS5 for the first time.

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Half of the window covered with an ad for gambling.

We worry that #AR could bring a distopia where our field of view is occluded, bombarding us with ads, so badly we didn't notice it's out there already, made of stickers, billboards and huge screens.


In light of Ray Liotta's passing, I rewatched Goodfellas this evening.

And you know what?

I still hugely prefer it over the Godfather movies.

(Also, Wiseguy is a fantastic piece of writing in of itself.)

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