Brought this cutie home today. Open to name suggestions for her.

I love all of your suggestions, thank you! We settled on naming her Dahlia.

Awww she's so cute 🥰
I name my cats after characters from novels or mangas. What about killashandra, killa for short?

@olireiv that’s cute! Kind of reminds me of Harry Potter. 😊


Do let us know what you choose, but don't choose "f*cker*". No, I'm not joking. An associate of my wife, her husband named their cat "f*cker*" so he can go around saying, "Where's little f*cker?" 😂 They're a good family, just a twisted sense of humor.

@living8bit 🤣 that’s hysterical. Promise, I will not name her that.

@ellie 🥰 💗

Obi (Wan Kenobi) ? 😎

Cat's like names with an "i" at the end ... 💡

@ellie she's sooo cute! i'm sure she'll let you know what her name is before too long ;-)

@ellie "Ragnor the destroyer"..?

Ok, no, I really like Luna too...

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