Hi! I’m Ellie. I work for a women’s rights group doing work and public education primarily about legal rights and how to navigate systems. I’m leaning and very interested in state and local .

I am an adopted person and I serve as the spokesperson for Vermont Adoptee Rights. We were instrumental in passing a significant bill this spring that will restore all VT born adopted peoples right to obtain their own original birth certificates. We are now turning our attention to Massachusetts.

I love , , , , backyard birdwatching, and playing the .

New hobbies of mine include and trying (very slowly) to learn the .

I have adorable pets and will likely share photos of them, photos of my garden, and . Sometimes, I’ll share my thoughts about politics and about living as an .

@ellie Always good to see another #Vermont person on here!

I'm a donor kid with 20-something half-siblings I discovered in my 30s, so probably have some similar experiences to adoptees vis a vis a sense of one's origins. :thonking:

@mattcropp it’s nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing that, I’d love to hear more if you ever want to discuss our commonalities.

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