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@doctorwhom Uht Oh. So, my housemate/landlord's Mother is staying with us for two weeks.

My Last Will and Testament, Delete my cookies.

@doctorwhom We're drinking because I had to buy a new phone. I did bad things to my LG G7 (which I Adore and just, paid off...naturally I Completely Fucked it on accident, out of it's case). *Face Palm*

Julie and I went to TMobile store(s) and I *swear* she and I in a TMobile store is a >$1200 afternoon. This time we walked out looking at each other like "the hell is this Noise?".

iJunk and some SamCrap Julie likes but I despise Samsung Android. (Been tracking the same dozen bugs across our tablets and Samsung phones for like seven years now.)

Rebuilt primary carry laptop to Kubuntu current LTS which I built Julie and her daughter's laptops in, last year. COVID has made me really shy about major rev upgrades on My personal computers. Stability. SysAdmin says "No things that upset stability!".

Anyway, took longer to torrent and burn Kubutu to a USB than to install it. Backup and restore took twice longer. So it goes.

Now, Bloody New Phone. This will take effin' *Days.*


Found this Gem of a book today...

"Fuck You" in 103 Languages.

Clearly I'll be memorizing this and using it for Cultural Inclusion Training with my team.

Having fun sitting on my porch, having a beer, watching my neighbors load a foosball table into a target small SUV.

I'm supervising.

@doctorwhom Found a use for printers. Nice height desk for holding my cutting board while I clean the kitchen.
Never used it for anything else.

(David is my house mate, he's a game developer... Worked for 343 on Halo 1-4)

E. *Making tea bitching*
D. You allocate 512MB for a thread?!?
E. Yes.
D.PHP is insane.
E. Yes.
D. How?
E. *Dribbles honey in tea* Black magic and voodoo like any other language. Do Not get me started on Perl for web. Don't go there, ever.

Just texted to me.

This is making the rounds with my cooking/chef friends.

@doctorwhom I haven't opened it yet and I'm disgusted. Paper sucks. Ink is garbage. I haven't touched one in the years.

Probably gonna bitch about the writing.

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@doctorwhom My neighbors have a "public library" book box (that has saved my sanity during COVID and also how I ended up living here). Guess what I found.

@doctorwhom Julie came over tonight. Somehow cups got mixed up and...

I'm expecting black tea, got coffee with cream and sugar.

Guess I'll clean my desk of spit.

Fuck. Blah.

@doctorwhom No BOFH but On Call saves my skull (autocorrupt, leaving it... Meant Soul but whatever) again.

Got NTK rubbed in my face the other day.

The joy that was free WiFi.
And I snagged and snapped the fucker's PCMCIA WiFi card and tossed it in the street like confetti. I did Not hit him with a bat.

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@doctorwhom Oh Friday... Bugger. My luck, there's no BOFH. Bet.

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@doctorwhom It's Monday, right? Suppose I'll put pants on and find out.

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@doctorwhom Before you tell me I haven't changed... Nobody has been arrested or heading to the hospital in the last 20m. I think I'm improving.

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@doctorwhom Bre Elf Quote:

"When a SysAdmin says 'jump', you ask 'how Low'... Remember that."

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