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Julie sent me a link and I followed it.

I got a 404.

You know the last time I got a 404?


Get myself into goober...

Then gotta Pivot and...

Then back down.

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@doctorwhom Shes in whiteness protection and I know this and...


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@doctorwhom she didn't just leave me she Vanished.

Apartment clean...

Generally I consider myself a good boyfriend.

This is new.

@doctorwhom SysAdmin Day!

I'm compelled by business continuity to get drunk and stoned.

@svenishell Love is your better half charges her phone before yours.


Upgrades... Trading bugs you know, love, and can reason with, for totally new bugs you know shit about. -Elf

@doctorwhom And I'm certain the Imperial Hotel would lose their shit laundering one of my flannels... but worth a laugh.

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@stux Soooo, may I have a word? I'm confused why my account got suspended [and I got flooded with Email so if an explanation was sent it got buried under my quota]

User formerly known as daelf.

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