I want THICK laptops with FAT fans and EXTENSIVE heatsinks

idgaf if it can clock up to 4.4GHz and has 32GB of memory and 128MB of L1 cache if it's gonna be throttled back to the MHz range as soon as I start compiling a program


@juliana Ok, secretly I want a Fujitsu SPARC with eight cores and 32G that kept up with Intel/AMD clock speeds [you said 4GHz so we'll rock that] running a modern Solaris. And I'd like that in the profile and with the battery life of a Lenovo Carbon X1.

And touch-screen, while I'm fantasizing.

And @thegibson just got a new boxen with a 2TB SSD and I'm [going to be openly] jealous, so ... toss that in as well [in for a penny, in for a pound ... at this point].

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